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Our Curriculum
The Curriculum

When your children come to Brantford Christian School, they will receive  "an education which is centered in God’s inspired word.” This quote is taken directly from our mission statement, it goes on to say that we prepare our students to "serve God and fellow mankind, and encourage them to do all things to God’s glory." Our vision statement says that "BCS provides a distinctive learning environment where academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs are met.”

Our aim is to provide a curriculum which is taught from a Christ-centered perspective, reflecting the restorative power of God’s grace for His creation. Our hope is that all students will respond positively to an interactive learning environment in which both student and teacher can explore and evaluate all of life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We strive to unwrap and develop the unique gifts of each student encouraging them to glorify God and serve others.

The school uses a variety of curriculum series, textbooks, unit studies and other resources. Curriculum guides for all grade levels are available at the school. They comprehensively explain the content in each subject area including both aims and objectives and methods used to teach the curriculum. 

Areas of Study
So, what is Christian about our school's curriculum? Here are some of the main areas of the curriculum and how they are unique to a Christian school.
Art is a gift from God. As created beings, when we create art, we glorify our Creator through our imitations of His masterpieces. Art will be taught for 75 minutes one day a week. Lessons are centred on teaching the elements and principles of design: colour, line, value, shape, texture, form, balance, harmony, rhythm. In addition to completing in-class assignments, students are assigned a sketch drawing bi-weekly, intended to teach students to view an object with artist's eyes, then sketch what they see realistically with shading and highlights.

The focus of the CSI Bible Program is to present the Bible as the story of God's acts and words, written so that his people might know God and themselves, accept his gift of salvation, and live lives of joyful service and obedience. The object is not to teach the Bible as a history book, a theological treatise, or rule book, but as the divinely inspired and infallible Word of God, each part of which has a particular purpose and fits into the overall purpose of the Bible. We hope that students will come to know God and make a commitment to Christ as Saviour and Lord and to live out that commitment through love, obedience, and service in ways that are appropriate for their spiritual maturity. We want students to be immersed in the stories and other writings in the Bible so that they may grow in knowledge and understanding.

Language is a gift from God. French will be taught for 30 minutes, 3 days per week and 15 minutes 1 day per week. Each unit will include oral and written class work, a quiz, a test, and a special activity or game or group skit incorporating the vocabulary and grammatical structures that were taught. Throughout the year, students will play various games, and well-known stories will be read to them in French. Each term, students will be doing additional work outside of the Horizons curriculum to improve their oral and listening skills.

Students will be encouraged to respond as Christians to literature as presented through their anthologies and activity books. Composition will be an integral part of literature; students will be required to respond, in writing, to much of what they read.

God, as the grand designer, has created a beautiful universe. In creation we can see pattern, balance, and harmony. We can marvel at the surprising connections that are revealed to us, yet the grandeur and mystery are a revelation of God's awesome power and control. God provided us with the knowledge to create a system of numbers. The patterns and laws which govern His universe are explored through math and science.

Music is one of the ways in which humans express themselves. It conveys powerful emotions, with lyrics that can communicate entire systems of belief. Music is a gift that helps Christians express their love for God and helps us tell the story of God's love for us. Music is an integral part of the curriculum at BCS. The focus of the program is on theory as well as practice. The curriculum is broken down into seven major components. Each component is dealt with at each grade level. These components are: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, expressive qualities, application, and listening/history.

Physical Education
At Brantford Christian School we understand the importance of fitness building and maintenance and are thankful for and celebrate the gifts that God has given us. Students are gifted in many ways, one of them being athletics. Athletics at BCS follows a basic guideline. In grade four, the students learn skills that will enable them to participate in a number of athletic activities. Most of theses skills are taught through play, either of a sport or a game that focuses on a particular skill. Specific drills are used sparingly. One of the goals of the PE program is to have students learn to enjoy sport and athletics for life.

Understanding the World around us both the physical world and the way we interact with that world is important for Christians as we find our place in Creation. We must acknowledge that we are to both "subdue the world” and "till the soil”. We are the crown of Creation, and as such we are obliged to care for the world in which we live. In our study of Geography, we look at three of the biomes with which we interact.

History has unfolded as part of God's plan. Topics to be covered include New France, The French and Indian Wars, the development of British North America, Loyalist Settlement, The War of 1812, the Rebellions of 1837, Confederation and Settling the West. The methods used will include quizzes, tests, projects, textbook readings, lectures, and response questions. Resources will include OACS units, and the CBC Canada Video Series.

Science is a way for the student to become aware of the astounding wisdom of the Master Designer. Students will have the opportunity to study and discover the creation through an exploration of creation. God reveals himself in the creation around us and we can begin to understand to complexities of the created world and gain an understanding of the creator through our understanding of science. The science program at Brantford Christian School includes the health curriculum.

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